Specificity of Colleges, Universities, and Student Groups

It is not uncommon for a retention program which has been successful at one school to fail or have limited success when applied at another school. Although there are many factors that influence a program’s success, a lack of generalization often results because schools attract different types of students and provide different academic and social environments. For that reason, the CPQ will identify those factors that have the greatest impact on retention at your college or university. This information will allow policy makers to more efficiently allocate resources and better address student needs.

Important student differences also need to be recognized and taken into consideration when planning retention programs. Minorities, first generation students, persons with disabilities, and other groups may face special challenges. The CPQ makes it easy to study specific groups of students or to evaluate program effectiveness. For instance, the factors that have the greatest influence on retention may depend on the student’s ethnic background or whether they are enrolled in a program for first generation college students.

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