BD Advising and Retention Instruments


The contract period and the fee structure cover 12 months. When a contract is initiated, the school is invoiced for the setup fee and asked to provide an estimated number of copies of the College Persistence Questionnaire (CPQ) it intends to purchase. It may, at its discretion, also include payment for the estimated number of copies. Unused copies will be fully refunded once the testing is complete. The fee for copies that were not prepaid will be invoiced either when the testing is complete or at the end of the contract period, whichever comes first.

Prior to surpassing the estimated number of copies, the school will be given the option to increase its purchase. Otherwise, the testing will end when the estimated number has been reached.

There is no charge for invalid CPQ copies, such as duplicates on the same student, premature abandonment of the testing session, or obvious inattentiveness of the respondent (e.g., same answer given to all items).


• Setup fee – provides the school with identifications and passwords to access the website.

• Student Portal – hosts the online administration of the CPQ to students and sends the encrypted records to central database.

• Advisor Portal – provides in-depth profiles on individual students who completed the CPQ in the Student Portal and generates sorted list of students based on their likelihood of dropping out.

• Institutional Commitment Report – presents a comprehensive analysis of the students’ qualities that are associated with their level of commitment to the school.

• Retention Report – presents a comprehensive analysis of students’ qualities in their freshman year that are associated with their actual enrollment status in the following year.

• Institutional Effectiveness Report – using the 10 dimensions of the CPQ, presents an analysis of the changes in students as a result of their selective experiences at the school.


• Setup is provided at no charge.

• The cost of the CPQ is $3.00 per copy. Each copy includes the Student Portal and the Advisor Portal. The minimum purchase is 100 copies, or $300.

• If requested, the Institutional Commitment Report costs $1,000.

• If requested, the Retention Report costs $1000.

• If requested, Institutional Effectiveness Report varies in price depending on the methodology used to conduct analyses, beginning at $1000.

• If requested, a spreadsheet of the raw data is provided at no charge.

• Researchers are allowed to use the Student Portal at reduced rates. Please contact us regarding your research project.

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