Needs Of Advisors And Policy Makers

Usually, the best way to discover what people need to know is to ask them. Therefore, our first step in developing the CPQ was to ask advisors, faculty, and policy makers what information they required in order to reduce attrition. Although there was some variability, we found a high degree of consistency in their answers.

Most college personnel who worked with students in one-to-one advising sessions wanted an assessment system that enabled them to: (a) quickly identify those students most likely to discontinue their educations, and (b) determine why a particular student is likely to drop out.

Many administrators and policy makers indicated that they needed to: (a) discover those factors that had the strongest impact on retention at their schools, (b) determine why retention rates fluctuate from year to year, (c) establish a system which allows them to efficiently allocate resources, and (d) evaluate program and institutional effectiveness.

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