The Development Of The CPQ

We have received some inquiries regarding the process by which the CPQ was developed. We essentially followed these steps:

1. Reviewed approximately 150 empirical studies reporting a correlation with retention.

2. Wrote test questions reflecting these variables.

3. Conducted three preliminary exploratory factor analyses, dropping, rewriting, and adding additional items after each assessment.

4. Performed a fourth exploratory factor analysis, yielding background variables and six scales reflecting students’ interactions with the academic and social environments. This instrument constituted Version 1.0 of the CPQ.

5. Conducted an investigation demonstrating that the CPQ-1 was a valid predictor of retention. The results of the fourth factor analysis and the validity study of Version 1.0 were reported in the Journal of College Student Development. Click to download a copy of the article.

6. Although Version 1.0 was a useful predictor of attrition, some factors that were associated with retention were not represented in the original instrument. A series of studies were then performed to “target in” upon these factors.

7. Exploratory factor analyses yielded the six factors from Version 1.0 plus four new factors indicating students’ interaction with the collegiate environment. These ten factors constitute the Student Experience section of Version 2.0.

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