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The most efficient way for you to learn about the College Persistence Questionnaire (CPQ) depends upon what you need to know, your available time, and the style with which you travel through websites. Therefore, we have developed three tours for you to choose from:

The Introductory Tour was designed for counselors, faculty and policy makers who will use information from the CPQ but do not intend to conduct research with the instrument. You may progress through the tour in the order we have devised or click on a link to go directly to that page. These are the stops on the Introductory Tour.

Needs Of Advisors And Policy Makers (Identify At-Risk Students, Determine Why A Particular Student Is Likely To Drop Out, Discover Factors Having The Strongest Impact On Retention At Your School)

Advice From Advisors And Lessons From The Literature

What Are The Three Forms Or Components Of The CPQ And How Do They Work Together? (Student Background, Student Experience, Institutional Specific Forms)

How Is The CPQ Administered? (Hardcopies, Student Portal, Advisor Portal)

Demonstration Of The Advisor Portal

Types Of CPQ Reports (Institutional Commitment Report, Retention Report, Institutional Effectiveness Report)

BD Advising And Retention Instruments: Current Pricing

The Advanced Tour is taken after you complete the Introductory Tour. This tour was designed for persons who have a healthy skepticism of unsubstantiated claims, are curious about the CPQ, or plan to conduct research with the questionnaire. Here are the stops on the Advanced Tour.

When Should The CPQ Be Administered As A Retention Tool?

When Should The CPQ Be Administered To Assess Program Or Institutional Effectiveness?

What Technical Support Is Provided And How Do I Obtain Answers To My Questions?

The Development Of The CPQ (Psychometric Studies Underlying The Instrument)

The Success Of The CPQ In Identifying At-Risk Students

Are There Research Opportunities Using The CPQ?

Contact Information

The Sitemap is for people who are idiosyncratic in their approach to websites. If you like to bounce from page to page, then you will find that the Sitemap meets your liking. The Sitemap can be found under the Tours section of the menu. Naturally, the sitemap can be used in conjunction with the Introductory and Advanced tours.

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