The Beck-Davidson Team

Hall (Skip) Beck and William (Bill) Davidson began collaborating on research in 1990. Their partnership has been maintained by their mutual interest in meeting the needs of college students. Together they developed the Survey of Academic Orientations (SAO) which assesses students’ perceptions of the academic and social environments. SAO scores have been correlated with such important educational as grades, academic stress, self-actualization, and retention. Its usefulness has been reported in peer-reviewed journals such as Educational and Psychological Measurement, Research in Higher Education, and The Journal of College Student Retention.

The CPQ project was initiated to provide policy makers, advisors, counselors, and faculty with an instrument specifically focused on retention. The items composing the CPQ are the product of many investigations and thousands of hours of data collection and analysis. The Student and Advisor Portals and the Institutional Commitment and Institutional Effectiveness Reports were devised after consultation with college personnel. They will provide you the information you need in an intuitive and time sensitive manner.