How Is The CPQ Administered?

Hardcopies are one option for administering the CPQ. There is no charge for downloading and using the CPQ. However, no part of the questionnaire can be used for commercial purposes. You must also notify either Bill or Skip that you are using the questionnaire. Free copies are made available because:

1. Bill and Skip believe that it would be unethical to refuse schools access to an instrument that can keep students in school.

2. Granting free access to the CPQ increases confidence that users can have in the psychometric soundness of the instrument.

3. Free access allows the instrument to benefit from the research endeavors of other investigators.

Click here to view or download a copy of the CPQ (14 pages).

The advantage of using hardcopies of the CPQ is that they are free. The disadvantages are those of any paper-and-pencil measure. Administration becomes cumbersome and time consuming with large groups.

The Student and Advisor Portals were developed because early users of the CPQ wanted an online system. The Student Portal administers the questionnaire. The Advisor Portal then retrieves this information from the database.

The Advisor Portal provides school personnel with a tool for making one-on-one sessions with students helpful, effective, and fruitful in augmenting retention rates. It identifies individual students who are most at-risk and supplies an in-depth analysis of the problems each one is experiencing. Testimonials of advisors and counselors who have used it are uniformly and overwhelmingly positive in describing its value in their sessions with individual students.

Some of the benefits of the Student and Advisor Portals are:

1. Students may take the questionnaire online at their convenience.

2. The Advisor Portal provides immediate access to the students’ responses.

3. The Advisor Portal furnishes information that would be difficult or impossible to otherwise obtain.

4. Students’ responses are maintained in a database that can be incorporated into the school’s institutional effectiveness plan.

There is a modest charge for having access to the Student and/or Advisor Portals.

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